Blush began as a name, a way to organize song ideas that came about while playing guitar at home. Though I was in another band at the time (Darlings) the songs I was writing for Blush felt a little bit different — a bit more personal — so I decided to keep them close for a while. Soon, it blossomed into a small body of work that I didn’t know what to do with.

Last year, things came to fruition thanks to the help and support of my bandmates Andy, Jon, and Nick, and Alyssa, who runs Arrowhawk Records. After spending some time figuring out how to translate my home-recorded demos into nicely produced album, we came together to record and start playing shows. Everyone in Blush has been in a band before (and in Jon’s case, is still in another band), so the philosophy for this project has always been to keep it fun. To not overextend ourselves or take on anything that doesn’t feel right to us. I like having that sense of freedom. I feel protective of it.

It was a big deal to me to share these songs with the world, as short and simple as they may be. Now that the album’s out, I’m looking forward to playing more shows, and possibly doing touring. I’ve never been the front person of a band before, so I need a lot of practice. I’ve been watching the performers I love more closely.

Recently we’ve started writing a couple new songs, and I’m already starting to think about how I can challenge myself to stretch more on a second album. It feels good to be at the start of something, not sure where it will go or what it might become.

Listen to Blush’s debut self-titled album here.

Photography by Hayden Sitomer