Putting the Pieces Together With Porches

I know what some of The House is about and some of it I don’t. There are only so many details I feel comfortable or even capable of going into. As is most of my music, The House is very personal, and what I decided I wanted to share in detail I’ve already put into the songs. My surroundings are everything, constantly affecting my subconscious – my apartment where I record, the dance studio where I practice piano, the coffee spot I write at everyday, my girlfriends apartment, the family laundromat, my favorite brick wall, the streets that I take to get to all these places. This is what my music is. I am just trying to keep the channel open and let these things speak for themselves. I’d like for people to make of the songs what they will. You can put the pieces together however you want to, make whatever connections make sense to you. This is how I’ve been listening to the record as well. What it means to me is still ambiguous, and I think to an extent it will always be that way. On a good day a song will come from somewhere I don’t understand.

Porches’ ‘The House’ is out now via Domino Records.

I will call u by your name
If u call me by mine
It is good to know ourselves
Because most of the time
I have no idea
Who I see in the mirror

I escape from the blue
Like the steam comin off the pool

Burn out to be free

Julie on the bed as a warm night falls
Heavy on her skin
Ricky on the field with some makeup on
Heavy on his eyelids

I love you

When the sun is gone
Still my skin is warm
And I feel in my place
Like I never do

The breeze flew
Around the room
You came here and now
I am here
And you are here

Sprawled out on a cold couch
I watch the way you move your mouth
Towards my mouth

It me in the water
It me in the light
It me next to nothing
Like a shadow in the night

I lay flat on the bed
Really cools me off
Keep it dumb make it soft

Can u make it light
Can u do no harm
Break the water with your arms

Keep a place so empty
I fill it with a thought
Sometimes it really shakes me
Sometimes it does not

I wobble as I feel it
Comin our my mouth
I know it will be better
So I leave the house

Photography by Daniel Dorsa