We at Portals have cherished the pace of “slow journalism” since our relaunch last summer. It’s a great fit for the site, allowing our community of writers, photographers, artists, designers, and media producers the space and time to do their best work.

In that spirit, we are transitioning from weekly content to “seasons.” What is a season? We just had one! This post marks the end of the Portals Winter Season.

Here’s the idea: Every few months Portals will announce a new seasonal issue, and release features for that issue over the course of a few weeks. We believe that taking more time on really special stories for seasonal issues, for us, beats adding to the constant drip of daily web content.

With the state of affairs in the world the way they are right now, many of us have been asking big questions about how music fits into our lives. Folks are hurting out there, and focusing on music can feel frivolous. However, even in the most fraught times, music and art provide an inspiring variety of avenues for resistance, engagement, or escape.

In our Winter Issue, we celebrated the first year of Mark Redito’s Likido event series, and highlighted the producer’s efforts to raise up the voices and talents of marginalized folks in his community.

Emily Reo’s lush, atmosphere drenched photo essay was a meditation on how music and art can be tools for rejecting reality as it is given to us, and the power of creating our own worlds.

Forth Wanderers, in their photo essay, celebrated just living your life and enjoying your youth.

Finally, the Portals Monthly Mixes, with featured artists Jay Som and Julia Lucille, remind us that music doesn’t really need a reason. Sometimes music just is, and reason comes later.

Back soon. <3