Pushing Forward with MUNYA

The Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Dorsa spends an afternoon with the rising French pop artist MUNYA in his studio.

“I started playing the piano when I was four. I guess you could say I made my first real song when I was I was working at a summer camp. I really connected with the kids and they asked me to make a theme song for the group…everyone seemed to love it, I’m pretty sure they are still singing “Nain De Jardin”. It did make me think maybe I should write more songs…but I was too insecure (an artists biggest struggle) and never did a follow up for the camp. It took me another few years of jazz school, touring with other artists and a few failed attempts at putting myself out there before I found the courage to really commit to writing again. In September of 2017 my friend was curating a show for a music festival in Montreal and invited me to play. I said yes without realizing what I had promised and the next thing I knew I had 2 weeks to figure out a set. I let go and just let all those years of inspiration flow out of my heart. I was able to write a few songs that I was really proud of and played my very first (short) set as MUNYA. After the show I felt the euphoria of being true to myself and decided that I had to commit and try to live my childhood dream. I had this flame in my soul that was pushing me to put myself out there and share my music with people and I finally let go.”


Stream / buy MUNYA’s 3-EP compilation via Luminelle Recordings


Photography by Daniel Dorsa