Body and Soul: A Sophisti-pop mix from Pure Bathing Culture

The Portland-based indie pop darlings Pure Bathing Culture are the latest group to work with Turntable Kitcthen‘s ‘Sounds Delicious’ vinyl series—where artists are invited to cover an entire album of another artist or group that they admire. Pure Bathing Culture took on The Blue Nile’s 80’s cult classic, Hats.

In the press release you mention that you first came across The Blue Nile’s music in 2011 when you were working with the late Richard SwiftDid you have any encounters with the world of Sophisti-pop before that? 

“Yes. Particularly Prefab Sprout, we were fully obsessed with their record Steven McQueen and Sade and Annie Lennox for sure as well, but we didn’t hear The Blue Nile until the recording session of our first EP.”

Did that era of music have a particular influence on Pure Bathing Culture? 

“We’re sure it has, but honestly and maybe this is one of the reasons why Pure Bathing Culture still remains relatively obscure, we’ve never set out to establish ourselves firmly as a member of any genre sonically or texturally in the studio. Anyone who takes a closer look at our band probably will be able to tell how much we’re influenced by a lot of British music from the 80’s and 90’s, not just Sophisti-pop. We’re also really influenced by a lot of things Folk Rock and Motown and many things texturally that don’t have a lot to do with Sophisti-pop at all. There are several instances in our cover of Hats where we stray quite a bit from the The Blue Nile’s sonic palate. Our newest and third record, which we’ve now finished, has a fair amount of improvised finger style guitar leads on it, which is fair to say is very UN-Sophisti-pop…ha! We love the sonic textures on The Blue Nile’s records but also just as much and possibly even more, the message and feeling of the music most of all is what has influenced us.”

Pure Bathing Culture’s take on Hats is available now.


Listen to an exclusive mix of their favorite Sophisti-pop gems here:


Prefab Sprout – “Wild Horses” (0:00)
The Blue Nile – “Tinseltown In The Rain” (03:44)
Roxy Music – “More Than This” (09:38)
Sade – “Hang On To Your Love” (13:47)
Prefab Sprout – “Appetite” (19:50)
The Go-Betweens – “Love Goes On” (23:48)
Annie Lenox – “Why” (27:06)
The Blue Nile – “Body and Soul” (31:59)