Welcome To Portals Animation

Welcome – or welcome back – to Portals. The last six months away from the site were exciting for the Portals family as we grappled with big questions about our future. We gave a lot of thought to how the online music communities that we’ve participated in have changed in the five years since the site launched. The dynamic between writer, musician, and audience is more fluid and opaque than ever, and we considered shapes of coverage suited to the current climate.

One important role we feel an online music space can fulfill right now is to explore the stories that surround the music we care about. With this relaunch, we are purposefully slowing down our content. It’s our intention that each post be more thoughtful, more considered, and dig deeper than we’ve ever had room to accommodate before. Rather than the barrage of content so common around the internet, we want to give you one special feature per week and a lot of time to digest each piece at your own pace.

We see Portals as a place where artists can be given care and depth of consideration regardless of the size of their following. If we’re passionate about it, that’s all that matters. There is value in telling these stories and exploring the worlds and communities that surround these musicians.

Portals is blessed to be a part of a community of incredibly talented photographers, writers, illustrators, and curators. In addition to the music we cover, we believe the site functions as a showcase for the wonderful work of our deep roster of contributors and collaborators.

Special recognition is in order for our incredibly talented designer Laurent Hrybyk, who has beautifully reformatted the site to match these values. Each post is monumental, and much care and consideration has gone into the unique design of each story. The site is organized around 3 very simple color coded categories that you can access at any time by clicking on the icons on the site header:

Written featuresVisual featuresAudio features

It’s as straightforward as that.

The Portals universe only expands from here. In addition to written features, photo essays, and monthly mixes, expect new audio and video features, illustrated pieces, and a return to our Living Spaces event series in the very near future. We want to showcase an array of lived experiences in the artists we cover, and also who is doing the covering. There is an incredible variety to the ways in which we interact with the music, people, and communities we love. We hope to capture a sliver of that with what we do here.