The Haunted Settings of Emily Reo’s “Spell”

Last month, Emily Reo released a music video for her haunting, melancholy single “Spell.” The Brian Vu-directed piece suggests some final transmission from a collapsing alternate universe, an affecting visual translation of the song’s tone and themes. In this photo session, Reo shares a series of unreleased images from the making of the “Spell” video. She explains:

“throughout the video shoot for spell, brian and i worked to portray different moods by creating distinct environments. some of them were intended to represent an almost chaotic emptiness or a lack of feeling, while other scenes showed the act of becoming overtaken and controlled by something (in the case of spell, that something was myself). these photos were stills captured on set during the 5 days we spent shooting at the nature center in rye, ny, highland park in queens and brian’s apartment.”

Watch the video for “Spell” below.