Portals is a community of writers, photographers, illustrators, and curators. It’s a place where artists are given care and depth of consideration regardless of the size of their following. We aim to capture the incredible variety of ways in which we interact with the music, people, and communities we love.

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~ Portals 2011-2015 Archive ~


Jake Martin
(Evergreen, CO)

Tyler Andere
Creative Director
(Austin, TX)

Laurent Hrybyk
Art Director
(Baltimore, MD)

Daniel Dorsa
Photo Editor
(Brooklyn, NY)

Ben Martin
Senior Editor
(Austin, TX)

Adam Ward
Staff Writer
(Portland, OR)

Ian Stanley
Staff Writer
(Bloomsburg, PA)

George Awwad
Monthly Mix Curator
(Orlando, FL)


Jeanette Wall
(Brooklyn, NY)

Tim Thompson
(Los Angeles, CA)

Molly Long
(Brooklyn, NY)

Landon Speers
(Brooklyn, NY)

Max Mohenu
(Toronto, ON, CAN)

Matt Gilles
(Austin, TX)

Eloise Hess
(Bennington, VT)

Faith Harding
(Brooklyn, NY)

Nina Mashurova
(Brooklyn, NY)

Angela Lewis
(Toronto, ON, CAN)

Tom Walters
(London, UK)

Tristan Rodman
(Providence, RI)

Brennan McCracken
(Halifax, NS)

Bronwyn Walls
(Austin, TX)